Posted on June 6, 2010

Golden Apple Theatre on hiatus: no 2016-2017 season

Orange on blackDear friends,

It is with sadness that we write to tell you that The Golden Apple Theatre will not be running a season this year. The Golden Apple Theatre is going into hiatus for a while, though it may in future resurface.

We want to thank all of you. Without your ongoing dedication and support we would not have been able to accomplish what we did. Nor would we have had a reason. Your response has been heartfelt and heartening.

The Golden Apple Theatre was created to provide one more outlet in this city for theatre professionals to present interesting works that you may not see elsewhere. Over the course of the last seven years we have presented many Saskatchewan premieres and a few Canadian ones as well. We feel lucky to have had so many incredibly talented Saskatchewan performers, directors, musicians and technicians – some who reside here and some who returned to the province – to share their incredible skills. We have always maintained that there is a huge amount of talent that has been generated in Saskatchewan and we always feel a great sense of pride in what remarkable performances they can present.

Another group of people who must be acknowledged are the Board of Directors of The Golden Apple Theatre. A more dedicated and hands on board could not be imagined. They have cared so very deeply about the work being done and the success of each production. Their wisdom, laughter, endless enthusiasm and tireless work has been a humbling example of selflessness. They are fine and good people each and every one.

We are incredibly proud of all we accomplished in the last few years and, although this is not the ending we had hoped, we can look back on the time we spent with all of you as time well spent.

So, again, thank you, to all you all,

Robert Ursan & Andorlie Hillstrom

Artistic Directors

The Golden Apple Theatre

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